Introduction to the English Section

The Italian Constitutional Court is delighted to present the English version of its website. Its content, which may be easily consulted, consists of Judgments, Documents, the Pressroom and Annual Reports, sorted and divided by sections.
In the Judgments section, you can browse through a wide selection of the most important and recent decisions of the Constitutional Court.
The judgments are selected by the Court’s Bench, translated into English and made available through the internal translation service.
In addition to the full text translated into English, a short summary explaining the case is available for each judgment .
The Documents section offers a booklet on the Italian Constitutional Court and its functions, as well as a translation of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, whereas the Pressroom area collects the official press releases of the Court’s most important decisions, translated into English, and addressed to a broader public.
Finally, Annual Reports gathers the descriptions of general trends in the Court’s rulings and of its activities carried out in the reference year.
Summaries of the reports for the year 2018 and the year 2019, which also refers to the main measures taken by the Court in 2020 during the COVID-19 emergency, are available in English.
The English section of the Italian Constitutional Court’s website is completely available to the public. In order to facilitate its fruition, a search engine has been developed and it is now available at the top of the home page. This search engine, specifically built for the Court’s contents, allows users to enter one or more keywords in the search box (“Cerca”) – in order to find, in a friendly manner, the judgments and any other documentation relating to their subject of inquiry, both in English and Italian languages.